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Where To Shoot Your Crossbow

Over the last couple of years the popularity of crossbow shooting has rocketed partly due to the new firearms laws. Although they are similar to archery bows they do not seem to be very welcome at most archery clubs. It is worth asking your local club if they allow them but it is almost a certainty that compound crossbows and recurve crossbows above 100lb draw weight will not be welcome.


For a full list of NFAS clubs  click here. You will need to ask if they allow crossbows.


Clubs we know that allow crossbows

Fleet Ibex - Click here to visit the website

Doverdale Bowmen (Worcestershire) - Click here to visit the website - Contact Geoff Loader Evenings 01905 352878 (NFAS Rule crossbows only).


Clubs we know that DO NOT allow crossbows

Archery Duns

Blackburn Archery

Riggwelter Field Archers

Windwhistle Archers

Whitemark Bowmen

South Cheshire Field Archers

Colchester & District


If you write to the Crossbow Federation at the address below they will provide you with the nearest archery club that allows crossbows. If you know of a club please let us know and we will place their details on the website. Crossbow shooting is not yet as popular as archery but things are changing.



NCF General Secretary

24 Ivy Road



SK12 1PE

Website www.ncf-crossbow.co.uk


If you are a club that allows crossbows please get in touch email here.


NFAS competition crossbow rules

The prod can be made from any materials except aluminium alloy. The maximum distance from the front of the prod to the string latch is to be no more than 16" (sixteen inches). Minimum bolt length is to be no less than 12" (twelve inches). All crossbows shall be fitted with a bolt retaining clip. No cocking aid other than a foot stirrup is permitted. Telescopic or magnifying sights are not permitted. Crossbow archers shall shoot off hand, no rests of any description are permitted. Crossbow archers will only draw their bow at the shooting position and must keep them pointed in the direction of the target at all times whether loaded or not. No compound crossbows allowed and the maximum velocity is 300fps.


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