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A recurve crossbow is a bow that has tips curving away from the shooter. The recurve bow's bent limbs have a longer draw length than an equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a more acceleration to the projectile and less hand shock. Recurved limbs also put greater strain on the materials used to make the bow, and they may make more noise with the shot.

Crossbow Types

The compound is the modern crossbow, the limbs are usually much stiffer than those of a recurve. This limb stiffness makes the compound bow more energy efficient than other bows, but the limbs are too stiff to be drawn comfortably with a string attached directly to them. The compound bow has the string attached to the pulleys, one or both of which has one or more cables attached to the opposite limb.

There are two main types of crossbows that are available to the shooter today, it is down to personal preference as to which you choose. The main difference is that the compound crossbow has a cable and pulley system to enable the rigid prod to delivery more power and to make cocking slightly easier. The recurve depends on the strength of the prod to determine the power generated. The higher powered recurves with require a cocking device as they can be just too hard to pull back by hand. New this year is a lower powered compound crossbow designed to fire a smaller bolts acurately over long distances.

The new lower strength compound like crossbow has a reduced draw weight of around 60 - 85lbs compared to a standard compound of 150lbs. This is achieved by having one continuous string rather than two cables and a string. These compounds have the advantage of being easy and quick to cock without placing any strain on the shooter or the need for a cocking device. This will allow the shooter to release more bolts and reload quicker than the traditional recurve or compound crossbow. Our exclusive Talon version can fire 8mm ball bearings at speeds in excess of 400fps.

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image courtesy of  www.bestcrossbowsource.com

image courtesy of  www.bestcrossbowsource.com