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Providing the biggest range of crossbows in the UK since 2003

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RAZR Package

Barnett has worked to revolutionize the crossbow market in recent years, and its new RAZR is another huge step forward. The carbon and titanium build crossbow offers a 43 percent lighter riser thanks to Barnett's patented Carbon Riser Technology. It has a patented Microflight Track Insert and an Anti-Dry Fire Trigger Safety System String Suppressor. The RAZR features a retractable under arm support bracket and adjustable butt pad for easier, more comfortable shooting.


A patented, built-in sidearm quiver can carry up to three arrows and folds back into the stock when not in use. The RAZR also offers a built-in RAZR blade skinning knife that is easily accessible from the bottom of the stock.


Features at a glance:

* Ultralight CRT© (Carbonlite) Riser

* Carbon Stock With Titanium Side Torque Plates (CST)

* Reverse Cam System

* Retractable Underarm Counterbalance Support

* Integrated Skinning Knife

* Micro Flight Track Inserts

* Custom Composite Laminated Limbs

* ADF (Anti Dry Fire) Trigger Safety System

* MIM (Metal Injection Mold) Tight Tolerance Trigger

* CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track

* CNC Machined 7/8" Picatinny Rail

* CROSSWIRE String and Cable System

* Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling

* Rope Cocking Device included

* Allows for the Integration of a Crank Cocking Device

* Adjustable Cheek Piece

* Finger Guards and Pass Through Foregrip



6.5 lbs weight

35″ length

21.5″ width

22″ arrow length

400 fps

185 lb draw weight

142 ft. lbs energy

16” Power Stroke




   Illuminated Scope

   Quiver & 3 x 22" Carbon Bolts

   Rope Cocking Device

   1 x Spare String

   2 x Spare Cables

   RAZR Knife

   String Stoppers



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Includes 3x32 Scope, Quiver & Bolts, Cocking Device


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