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Ghost 350

Meet the all new Ghost 350 with CRT (Carbon Riser Technology) by Barnett. Another pioneering first, Barnett has the only patent protected, ultralight, super strong Carbon riser available for Crossbows. The CRT Riser boasts an incredible 5 to 1 safety factor. The Ghost 350 also comes complete with CROSSWIRE Strings and Whiplash Cams which provide a smoother, faster, quieter and more precise shot in a compact fit. With the ADF (Anti-Dry Fire) MIM (Metal Injection Molding) trigger system and 350 FPS speed the Ghost CRT is the crossbow to own!



•  Aluminium flight rail

•  Barnett whiplash cambs

•  Shoot through stirrup

•  ADF trigger system


Included in the Package

Quiver & 3 x Carbon Bolts (Worth £49.99)

Barnett 4x32 Illuminated Multi Recticle Scope (Worth £99.99)

Rope Cocking Device (Worth £24.99)



Draw Weight: 175lbs

Energy: 116ft

Power Stroke: 12”

Velocity: 350 fps

Weight: 7.6lbs

Length: 37”

Width: 24”



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Orders are taken through www.outdoorhobbies.co.uk

Includes 4x32 Scope, Quiver & Bolts, Cocking Device

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