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Providing the biggest range of crossbows in the UK since 2003

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DTM 375

Their Pure Power Limb Technology allows them to push the limit on their recurve limb design, producing 110 ft/lbs of kenetic energy. Middleton Crossbows has developed and produced a crossbow that will deliver efficiencies that have long been sought after. If you would rather lead than follow the DTM 375 is for you. A Middleton is also graced with a Lifetime Warranty to be free from defects in material and workmanship. This does not include normal wear on strings or bow finish.


The Middleton DTM series has vastly improved the already well accepted platform of this style of crossbow. They are built extremely skillfully with superior parts, they are surgically accurate and very reliable under strenuous conditions. Their accuracy above all is a force to be recond with and is unparelled.


With Pure Power Limb™ technology it pushes the limits of the recurve limb design, producing 110 foot pounds of kinetic energy. PPL™ Technology was engineered to completely utilize every inch of powerstroke. Every inch of these limbs store evenly dispersed energy making them the fastest limbs available. Other recurve limbs store 80% of their energy in the base of the limbs.


The Middleton crossbow has produced and delivered a superior recurve crossbow in our opinion. With stainless steel composing the entire trigger mechanism, it is like shooting a rifle with the same ”crispness”. It also has the purest most effiecient powerstroke, and quieter than the competition.


Middleton camo composite stock is impervious to weather and comfortable in all temperatures, Ambidextrous manual safety, Anodized Aluminum Machine Deck for the utmost accuracy, Pure Power Limb Technology which ensures the cleanest most efficient powerstroke on the market, Rubberized clearcoat ensures strong grip and optimum feel, Optional built-in cocking system makes cocking this industry leader a breeze, Precision machined to exacting tolerances, Internal components made rom P17-4 stainless steel, and Ribbed forend that provides a sure grip.


Package upgrade

The package includes, 3 arrow quick detach Quiver and mount, 3 dot Red Dot Crossbow Scope, Scope Rings, 3 x Pure Power Bolts 20”, 3 Field Points, Rope Cocking Aid, and arrow puller.


3 DOT RED DOT SCOPE Package    PRICE £129.99  


Velocity 375 fps*

Kenetic Energy 110 ft/lbs

Draw Weight 245 lbs.

Power Stroke  16.5"

Mass Weight 6.0 lbs

Overall Length  38.5"

Arrow Length  20"

Arrow Weight  350 Grain Min.

Stock Type  Thumbhole

Finish  Realtree AP HD



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