using a crossbow to climb a tree, unusual uses for a crossbow, tree climbing with a crossbow

Tree Climbing

Imagine having to climb an extremely large tree such as the highest in the world. If the branches are not reachable from the ground you will be facing a pretty impossible task. Well there is an answer, fire a cossbow bolt attached to a line high into the tree branches. The line can then be echanged for cord and then eventually rope which can be used to scale th tree. If you think we are pulling your leg take a look at the video which logs the climb to the top of the worlds biggest tree.

Mountain Rescue

Crossbows can actually be used to save lives, hard to believe I know. A crossbow is the perfect tool to accurately and quicklysend a line across a ravine. As with the tree climbing a thin line is attached to the crossbow bolt which can then be exchanged for a thicker rope. Using a crossbow for this type of rescue can save precious time and increase the chances of survival.

Magic Acts

Crossbows are perfect for the dangerous circus or magic show act. They are dangerous but in the right hands exciting but safe. As you can see from the videos the simple crossbow can be turned into a show that will both amaze and astound the audience. If you watch closely you will notice that they do not use any spaecialist crossbows infact some of them are budget crossbows. This just shows how skillful these showmen really are.

Whale Biopsys

Probably the strangest request we have had was for a crossbow to use for whale biopsys. This took a bit of explaining by the customer but eventually we understood the logic behind their request. They need to tak samples of the whale to test but they didn't want to trap it, so with an adapted crossbow bolt they could shoot the whale with the minimum of discomfort. The crossbow bolt is adapted to take a small piece of whale then retreived by the shooter.

using a crossbow for whale biopsys