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Challenger Scope Package

Designed for youth and ladies, the Challenger is lightweight, compact, and easy to cock.


At an amazing weight of only 5.5 lbs, the Challenger is compact and lightweight, making it easy to shoulder and shoot. With an adjustable draw weight of 125 to 150 lbs, the Challenger can be customized to fit the hunter with no special tools, no bowpress or additional parts required. The Challenger shoots a deadly 300 Feet Per Second at the maximum draw weight. The vented forearm with safety finger flange gives the added safety and balance to keep a steadier aim on the target. Parker’s highly anticipated new EZ Pull System has been engineered into each 2012 crossbow, reducing the cocking effort by over 50%, when paired with the RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker; this system makes Parker crossbows the easiest to cock in the industry.


Package Includes

3x32 Multi Recticle scope

4 Bolt Quiver with 4 Bolts



* Modern, Light Weight, Super Compact Design

* G2 Bull-Pup Trigger

- Auto-engage, Ambidextrous Safety

- Auto-engage Anti Dry-fire Mechanism

* Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange

* Optimal Balance Point for Improved Accuracy

* RED HOT String


Draw Weight: Adjustable from 125 to 150

Power Stroke: 10.25"

Arrow Speeds: (125lb) 275 - (150lb) 300 FPS

Riser: Machined Aluminum

Barrel: Ballistic Polymer

Stock Length: 31.75"

Axle to Axle Width: 21.25"

Mass Weight: 5.5 lbs

String: RED HOT Synthetic


Please allow 10 - 14 days for delivery.

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