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Providing the biggest range of crossbows in the UK since 2003

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Welcome to a new breed, light in build but deadly when fired at targets or prey. These new models use a compound pulley system designed to deliver maximum power from reduced strength tension. By using smaller lighter bolts these bows are extremely accurate over incredible distances. Comes complete with telescopic sight and foot stirrup for easy cocking. As the limbs fold exchanging the cable when worn is very easy.


The Bushmaster is a high grade portable folded crossbow with a military wooden stock that can shoot three-wing arrows, two-wing arrows and ball bearings. The folding limb technology not only makes carrying your bow more convenient but also strengthens the stability for shooting. The Bushmaster is a great combination of speed and accuracy that every hunter desires, at a price you can afford. The Bushmaster is designed using technology from the military arms industry.  It is an heavy duty bow designed using new ideas and new technology, it shoot a strong penetrating arrow and 6mm ball bearings.


Comes complete with spare cable & 4x20 scope


Bolt speed: 217 fps

Maximum range: 108.70 Yds

Effective range: 87.00 Yds

Draw Weight: 77.8lbs

Length: 34.6"

Weight 9.3lbs


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4 x 20 Scope Included