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Providing the biggest range of crossbows in the UK since 2003

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Brotherhood Package

A radical new crossbow with an all-aluminum barrel that launches arrows at a blistering 320 fps. Features include 55% let-off cams, Talon™ MIM trigger system, thumbhole stock, adjustable recoil pad, customized length of pull, extended sight bridge, and anti-dry-fire mechanism. Draw weight: 175 lbs. Stock length: 36-/18". Width: 24-7/16". Weight: 8.6 lbs. Color: Realtree AP™.


* All-aluminum barrel

* Launches arrows at a blistering 320 fps

* 55% let-off cams

* Talon™ MIM trigger system

* Thumbhole stock

* Adjustable recoil pad

* Customized length of pull

* Extended sight bridge

* Anti-dry-fire mechanism

* Draw weight: 175 lbs

* 4x32 Mult-A-Range Scope

* 3-arrow quiver

* Three arrows


Package includes 4x32 Mult-A-Range Scope, 3-arrow quiver, and three arrows.


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