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Providing the biggest range of crossbows in the UK since 2003

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This low strength 40lb recurve model offers a completely new addition the UK's crossbow range, now you can shoot at at shorter distance but with all the feel of a more powerfull crossbow. It features a stunning solid wood design, fixed sights (can be removed and scope fitted) bow stringer and adjustable weaver rail. The 40lb prod is easy to cock yet still gives excellent performance and a thrilling experience.


This crossbow is also available with 2 aditional draw weights should you also want to shoot at targets further than 25 yards simply choose which strength prod you want, the prods are all interchangeable making this a very versatile crossbow.


40lb Prod (Bow) - Supplied

This draw weight is low enough to be cocked by even the slightest of shooters and as there is no need to use the foot stirrup the crossbow can be fixed to a table etc making it ideal for activity centres. Even at 40lb the bolt will travel straight and true to your target at ranges up to 25 yards.


95lb Prod (Bow) - Optional

Ideal for shooting when distance is not available, a back stop net will stop bolts at a distance as short as 20yards. Can be used in competition as it complies with NFAS rules.


150lb Prod (Bow) - Optional

Ideal for target shooting when distance is not an issue.


Limb : Compression Moulded Fibreglass

Stock : Wood

Velocity : 125(40) 170(95)  225(150)  Feet/Second


Package Includes

Perfectline Recurve Crossbow

Fixed Sights (Can be removed)

Bow Stringer (You need this to string the bow and replace strings)


Also available with optional starter kit £49.99 (worth £82.95)

12 x Bolts

1 x Spare String

1 x Wax

2 x Limb Tips


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All extras can be purchased on the shop page

Orders are taken through www.outdoorhobbies.co.uk

Jaguar 40lb Target Crossbow

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